Legacy of Collaboration

For over forty years, Greeks for Christ has blazed new trails in contemporary Greek Christian music.  We would like to offer some of this music for free as a gesture of our commitment to spreading the gospel to Greeks through the gift of song.

Journey Without Return - Ταχιδι Χορις Γυρισμο (1986)

(Click on the Title to hear and download)

Ο Ελευθερωτής - Deliverer
Ο Φτωχούλης - Poor Man
Τόσο μ αγάπησ ο Θεός - God Loved Me So
Ταξιδι Χωρις Γυρισμο - Journey Without Return
Οταν τα Χρονια - When the Years Pass
Ναι, ζει ο Κύριος - The Lord Lives
Και μετά από δω - After This
Υπάρχει Θεός - God Is
Το Φως του Κόσμου - Light of The World


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