The North American Greek Conference which we hold every two years is a time when Greek believers from all over the world come to hear the message of the Gospel and to worship together. Guest Speakers are invited from many countries of the world such as Greece and Canada.
Greeks For Christ International has pioneered several areas of Greek ministry. We have a burden for the Greeks in both the U.S. and Greece, or wherever they may live. It is our deepest desire that we see Greeks dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ, and we are committed to this desire in several areas of ministry.
Small Groups

Since 1976, Greeks for Christ Teams have visited and ministered to a number of small groups of Greek believers throughout the U.S. and Australia. Some of the cities we visit on a regular basis are: New York City, Clearwater, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Cincinnati, Ohio, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

God has blessed our ministry with a number of gifted musicians who have dedicated their talents to the work of the ministry. They offer these talents unto God's work in the form of Several Musical Productions of Original Works, and Praise Groups.

Following Christ's Commission to make disciples, we believe in strong teaching ministry, correctly dividing the word of God for the edification of the Body of Christ. Teaching Materials and Study Guides are offered though Greeks for Christ. Also the Greek Center for Biblical Studies helps those who desire to go into the ministry get accredited education.

Greeks for Christ is actively involved in many areas of evangelism for the reaching of Greeks worldwide. One of the ways we carry out this evangelism is by responding to invitations for ministry throughout the U.S. and anywhere Greeks may be found such as Australia and Greece.

Greeks for Christ reaches out in radio with the Greek Hour of Hope aired on over a dozen stations in both the United States, Canada and in Greece. Listen to this weeks broadcast here.

Greeks for Christ has professionally produced many video tapes which provide a dynamic source of teaching and evangelism.