Beloved friend,

Wanting to bring understanding to world events, we offer the “Greek Study: 100-Year
Wars: Labor Pains.” Daniel, who understood history, wrote, “None of the wicked will understand,
but those who are wise will understand.” Daniel 12.10.

Ourministrywas blessed to have three couples answer God’s call to serve. Since August, our
assistant pastors George and Shari Argyropoulos and family shared Christ in Greece. Our administrator Theo Vourliotis and hiswife, Sofie, served God in the jungle villages of Laos and Peru. And, memberDr. Bill Smithwithwife, Anita, is teaching PhD students at China’s capitol university.

The response to “Build the GreekWork in America” is heartening!

What started at the July Conference in Oakland with an $11,000 offering has been growing.
As of this writing, three Greek churches, in New York, Oakland, and Bell=lower, have each
received $3,000 for their building programs.

With gifts promised and anticipated, we envision this effort to double. For Jesus said, “I
will build my Church,” meaning the worldwide, but also the local church that teaches theWord
and builds individual lives every day of the year.

The FALL CONFERENCE will meet November 21-23. Rev. Andy Lay and Dr. Emmanuel
Deligiannis will minister God’sWord in the power of the Holy Spirit and through
Spiritual gifts that often accompany such meetings. The conference will open Friday evening,
November 21, at the Greek Assembly in Oakland, and will close with a Sunday AM Celebration
on November 23. Refreshments and a pot-luck dinner will accompany the meetings.

On Saturday,November 22, 10AM, a complimentary Brunchmeetingwillmeet at The Ranch
Restaurant inHayward, to celebrate the 40thAnniversary of ourRadioMinistry and share news of
the Greeks For ChristMediaMinistry. For hotel reservations or other needs, please contact our office.

Thank you for helping us build Christ’s Church among America’s Greeks and people of all
backgrounds through your faithful prayer and support.
My love to you all in Christ our Lord!

Dr. Peter Vourliotis, Pastor & Director
A word from Dr. Peter Vourliotis
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