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Beloved Friend,

Nearly 60 people came to the 50 YEAR CELEBRATION at the Holiday Inn and Suites off the Oakland Airport on April 27.

There were reunions and a fitting time of remembering 50 years of service in the Lord’s work. Praise be to God for keeping me and the work. I was honored by those who came and many who could not but called, sent cards, observations, emails, and remarks. The 50 year luncheon was part of a conference April 26-28, 2019, with Dr. Emmanuel Deligiannis and Rev. Andy Lay, who ministered God’s Word, and our Associate Pastors George and Shari Argyropoulos, who planned it well.

Now, we are preparing for the MINISTRY TOUR 2019 TO GREECE that is scheduled for September 23-October 8.

Eight participants have purchased tickets. The original group will depart on Delta from San Francisco at 8:35AM for New York JFK. There, we will meet with three other members and will fly together at 7:47PM, arriving in Athens at 12:30. Upon arrival, we will be picked-up by our van and travel north for the first ministry in Berea, where Luke says “they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.”(Acts 17.11)

The group will travel to Athens, fly to Crete for Sunday services, and take a cruise for Patmos. We’ll get back to Athens for services on Sunday. There will be evangelistic events, ministry in churches, and visiting biblical and historical sites. A few will attend the wedding of our Board member, Lester Nickolopoulos, to Amalia in Athens.

While this Ministry is made affordable by our representatives in Greece, and has the blessing of US and World Missions, it needs your financial support. The team is made of ministers and staff who desire to make an impact on the nation of Greece, which is in the midst of change and needs spiritual direction. Extending your gifts of love and prayer support will cover them as they go.

Thank you for your help for this God-given mission, and God bless you.

My love to you in Christ our Living Lord!

Dr. Peter Vourliotis, Pastor, Director

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