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Greeks for Christ turns 50!

We are excited to announce the fiftieth year of Greeks for Christ International. We have diligently devoted ourselves to the pioneering work of spreading "The Good News" to Greek people worldwide through ministry groups, music, radio, magazines, teaching, conferences and Evangelism. The Lord has been abundantly faithful and we have been blessed with much fruit in this great work. Now we seek to once again inspire, train and equip a New Generation of laborers for a new century of outreach.

Fifty years ago, Dr. Peter Vourliotis ignited within the hearts of Greek youth a vision: To take the flame of the good news as far as it can be carried, even to the utmost parts of the earth. Suitcases and musical instruments in hand, crowded in a small Volkswagen Rabbit, he and a handful of talented spirit filled pioneers hopped the US, establishing small groups of Greek converts in major metropolitan areas such as, Denver Colorado, Phoenix Arizona, Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon and others. These small yet far reaching steps became the foundational character of a ministry which touched the hearts of so many others through music, media, literature, the internet and biblical studies.  

Now as we stand on the threshold of a new generation, we ask you to partner with us in prayer and support as we look forward to another fifty years of an even greater harvest
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